At the end of the rainbow? There was this dress….

Well, the dress was found, though not on Saturday! Monday, as it turned out, was the serendipitous day that our luck seemingly turned into SOLID GOLD! heh!



While out looking for something to wear to another upcoming wedding (as a guest, not as part of the wedding party!), quite by accident, this dress was found


The picture doesn’t do it justice! And the up side is that it fits each of us well, despite the disparateness of our body types 😉
So now all that’s left are the shoes, which given the length of the dress MIGHT allow flipflops (kidding, c.a…..kidding!)
I was thinking earlier this evening about how many weddings we’ve been to lately. Granted, many are my daughter’s friends getting married, but there have been quite a few weddings and baby showers among people in my own group of friends. I remember going through a season of them in the early days of being engaged and married, but it’s been a quiet decade or so, family notwithstanding.
Which led me to thinking what an awesome circle of friends! For such an ecclectic mix, we seem to be finding the joys in life and then some! One friend recently had a baby boy – 21 years after her youngest child (boy was SHE surprised at almost 50!)… another good friend is getting married at the end of the month and will become one of my neighbors (I feel a “block party” coming on!)…another friend is about to have a baby shower for her first baby…and two of my favorite people are getting married and I get to be a PART of it (its beyond my wordy nature to say how honored I feel about THAT) …
I would say all in all, these little gifts in life like love and family and friends continue to amaze, delight, and humble me in their generosity.
Plus, there IS the DRESS! 😉

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  1. that dress looks lovely. you had more success than me. i’m still looking for a birthday present for hubby… and monday is getting closer by the day, darn it!!!!!

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