Simply Vanilla

From Cherish Me’s Blog 

(photo: Ice Cream Heart ~ Caramelie on Deviant Art)
Aidin – 2007

Underneath it all,
every single one of us
is nothing but vanilla.

We just tart ourselves
up in sprinkles
with the hope that
no one will notice.


3 Responses

  1. no chocolate ? no strawberry ? i was thinking of you as sort of neapolitan – and that’s yummy –

    this is a beautiful thought – one of those fruitful sort of ideas that spurs us on :::

  2. something happened in church this morning.
    the children’s time – there were a couple of kid went down.
    the leader said “someone told me they could taste the difference in m&m’s and I want to see if you can do it”
    So the children one by one (there were only a couple) turned their back and were fed an m&m they couldn’t see and then asked “Can you tell me what color that was? want to guess?”
    they couldn’t…
    point being m&m’s are all the same inside where it counts, and the differences in people’s outside is like that too, what’s inside is what is the important stuff.
    And I thought, now wasn’t that what Shiny posted today…
    thanks sweetie!

  3. now that’s the honest truth!

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