Laughed and laughed!

I found this on Cherish Me’s blog – its not applicable for me (found me one in a smoky coffee house back in the 80’s – not in the middle of the road!) , but I’m sure you probably know SOMEBODY in your life that you could share it with!



Aidin – 2007

    Hey, guys?

    I am so tired of looking.
    In fact, all of us girls are,
    so how about you do us a favor?

    I’d like every single, normal,
    sane, loving, generous, funny,
    kind and intelligent man
    to just lay down in the street
    tomorrow until one of us finds you.



3 Responses

  1. laughter rules!

  2. LOLOL Funny indeed.

  3. There would sure be some empty roads, now wouldn’t there? 😉 Hilarious.

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