Love it & it’s GONE

Brief Rant to get it out of my system:

Want to know a sure-fire way to have a product leave the shelves?

Let me try it and love it!!


I’ve spent the past hour and a half online searching for Sunsilk Summer hair products.

I love it so OF COURSE it would be limited edition!

I love it so OF COURSE it would be limited edition!

What I’ve learned is that apparently it is only sold here in the U.S. during the summer (duh), only at Target (a Target exclusive) and sporadically.


Not even on E-Bay!

Oh! And that I can have it mailed to me….FROM AUSTRALIA!! 😦 Needless to say, the Airmail rates negate it being an actual option!

So NATURALLY it would be the best thing I’ve found for my hair in forever!

I guess it’s like watering your yard/garden is almost a certain way to make it rain! If I decide to try something, it goes away once I love it.

Let’s see…there was:

Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser Mask (fixed THAT one!)
Debbie Allen‘s Skin Care products (yes, for a BRIEF time she did!)
Suave Orange Liquid bath Soap
Nestle‘s Hot Chocolate (In a pump bottle for portion control)
Edge Active Care Shaving Cream (in a tube)
DiGiorno’s Pasta Salad (with not creamy dressing)

And the beat goes on….


2 Responses

  1. mmm, that happens to me too… annoying when i love something and can’t get it!!!!!

  2. OMG I used this stuff a couple of weeks ago before going on vacation, LOVED IT! Now I am equally as sad as you, I bought it on a fluke because it was on clearance and now Im so pissed that I didn’t buy more!!! WAAAAHHHHH!!

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