Breaking Dawn Book … Finally!

Breaking Dawn Book Premiere Momentos

Breaking Dawn Book Premiere Momentos

The book Breaking Dawn came out today and I took my littlest to get her pre-purchased copy of it a little while ago. And yes, she was wearing her t-shirt “TEAM JACOB” to show her support for the character Jacob!

~Go Team Jacob~

~Go Team Jacob~

We went to Barnes & Noble first, because some of her friends were going to be there. Now, this is a brand new store in the brand new shopping center, so the place was DECKED OUT to celebrate the book premiere! There were posters, a “prom” area complete with dance music and balloons, a place to get your photo made at the “prom” with the backdrop being the cover of the book…

Pics made at the Breaking Dawn "prom" staging area

Pics made at the Breaking Dawn "prom" staging area

buttons, goody bags, contests, costume contests, games, you could make a bracelet to support the one you wanted Bella (main character) to choose…

Making Jacob or Edward bracelets

Making Jacob or Edward bracelets

trivia games, drinks in the coffee shop that were either “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob” (the two love interests in the book), cake, and throngs of people dressed in costumes.

We stayed for a while, then ran over to Books-a-Million to get our copy of the book at 12:01am.

Oh! And we had several phone calls from my eldest who had borrowed the “Team Edward” shirt, (as she is rooting for Bella to choose him – see previous post). She’s in Arkansas to be in a wedding of one of her best friends tomorrow, but as luck would have it, she found one of the other bridesmaids is a HUGE fan too (though she’s rooting for Jacob like the littlest!)…they attended the rehearsal festivities, then jumped in the car to get to the Barnes & Noble in Jonesboro before midnight, making a homemade Team Jacob shirt on the way! Last phone call we got from her, she was “first in line” at the registers, had her copy, and was reading the first chapter on her way back to the hotel to get some rest.

What was most gratifying, though, was seeing my littlest’s face throughout all the excitement!

Finally!! We haz de book!

Finally!! We haz de book!

Right before she turned off the light to go to sleep – which I had to INSIST she do and NOT read! – she got up and gave me a tight hug and said, “Thanks, Mom, for running me all over town and getting me the book! It was awesome!”

Peace, ~me

Reminders of the Awesome Book Premiere!!

Reminders of the Awesome Book Premiere!!


4 Responses

  1. Awww you’re such a good mommy. And your family is so smart, inhaling all those books like you guys do. I don’t heard ofi t. the Breaking Dawn book is, never heard of it. HA! Tells you something about us doesn’t it.

  2. This stupid laptop with its lagging typing. That one sentence is supposed to read, “I don’t know what the book Breaking Dawn is about because I’ve never heard of it.”

    I hadn’t either until I had! Not unlike the Harry Potter books! The target reader for the series is 14-17 year old girls, but I know quite a few young-at-heart adults who enjoy them…I’ll get around to them too! Just have to finish these other (counting books on sidetable)6 books first! lol I’m incorrigible!

  3. hiya. back again… and doing some catching up… haven’t you guys been busy.

    HA ZAH!!!! I thought I’d LOST MY SHADOW YEAAAAAA!!!

  4. […] so I went online to order my littlest tickets for the premier of Twilight this Friday. You may remember she’s a HUGE fan of the book series. Hanging out at a bookstore with pre-purchase order at […]

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