The Key is Humor? … well, YEAH!

I found this news item through Advatia25 (→) stumbles that come up in my reader. The headline got my attention and when I read it, I thought, “it took them THIS long to come up with scientific research to prove THAT?” Yeah. Apparently it did and its official now! 😉

Laughter: the secret of love

Self-deprecating humour is the key to the English art of seduction, a psychological study reveals

A self-deprecating Hugh Grant enchants Julia Roberts in the film Notting Hill

(A self-deprecating Hugh Grant enchants Julia Roberts 
in the film Notting Hill)

Would-be Casanovas have assumed for too long that a bunch of flowers, a twinkle in the eye and a few witty one-liners are the only weapons needed in the arsenal of a successful seducer.

But a psychological study into the art of seduction will reveal next month the secret that history’s greatest seducers have known all along: it’s easier to laugh a woman into bed than to get her there using any other ploy. However, researchers have discovered that not all humour is equal. The quickest path to the boudoir is to wield a very specific form of wit: self-deprecation…

I don’t know about the “self-deprecation” part, but laughter and humor rank among the top 3 characteristics on the list of must-haves in a date…at least that’s been true of almost everybody I’ve ever asked! I suppose I can’t have asked everyone, but a good sense of humor is an essential element to most of the more balanced and down-to-Earth people I’ve known. And that DOES include not taking oneself’s so very seriously!


3 Responses

  1. don’t these sort of articles tickle folks!
    leaving with the feeling “that’s funny… “

  2. Hey, how do you get your “STUMBLES” to show up in your reader???!

    I added the RSS feed (listed on the SU sites as “Subscribe to Comments” OR “Reviews”…I don’t get regular blog entries this way, but I can see when my favorite stumblers have been active and login to see if they’ve posted an entry! If you can’t get it to work, bring your laptop over so we can get the other stuff loaded and we’ll fix it up then.

  3. Oh and I agree with you, not real big on the self deprecation part.

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