Funny Pictures


or is it just me? heh heh

Passed on the highway on the way to the Gulf

The HOBOES…sounds like a fierce team to go up against! Again, on the way to the Gulf!

A picture some person (that I don’t know) accidentally sent to my email with only “Vegas” as the title…it made me giggle…

The control button

AND Dirty Money!! Get it?? lol….heh


3 Responses

  1. Um, no, I don’t get the “dirty money” thing.

    And boy, you sure have been posting a way lately. Keep it up.

  2. Only I wish you would put up more than one post at a time on the front page. I’m trying to figure out how to get to the rest of them.

  3. lol – very funny…
    the cat looks to be halfway through this collection of liquor
    only defending cause kitty took ownership 🙂

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