Projects & The End of Summer

I was playing with graphics and pictures earlier. Can you tell? πŸ˜‰ heh

Fun with colors and words and fonts and brushes and layers and

lions and tigers and bears! Oh MY!

The working title is “Passions”, but really it should be something along the lines of “Fragments”, as I put images and words and colors that feel like parts of me. It’s not finished and I still have some tweaking to do, but its at least the start of a different project and that makes me happy! πŸ™‚

I had wanted to be painting…well, to be trying out some fun techniques I’ve seen that involve painting…but as time was limited, I decided I could certainly play with graphics while I chillaxed with some television this evening.

I like that there’s no clean up! πŸ˜‰

In the rest of my world, I take the kiddos tomorrow to get their schedules and find out who has what when and with whom. Always a big deal in the Kiddo World, plus both kiddos will be in middle school this year. 😦 I remember middle school and it wasn’t the best of memories for me, but they are definitely NOT me! (knock on wood!) Its a new start to a new year at a new school (at least for the littlest) and that’s exciting and HUGE in the world of a 12 year old! The 14 year old is going to be the big kid this year at school and it’ll be interesting to see how it goes with both of them in the same school!

Thursday evening around 10 I’m taking the littlest up to Books-A-Million to the Stephanie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn book release. The store said they will be open from 10 to midnight with trivia, costume contests, etc. and will begin selling the book, which is the last in the series, at midnight.

I bought her the first book back when we were heading to the Gulf the first time, in June. She’s a mini-me in the respect that she INHALES books when she gets a chance.

Take her to a book store and watch her face when she walks in…she closes her eyes, inhaling and exhaling with an “ahhhh … I love the smell of a bookstore!” πŸ™‚ So when we go out of town, part of our tradition in getting packed is to head to the bookstore to get some new books.


since once she starts reading, she’ll finish a book in a day, I hold the books until we are on the road and out of town. It gives her something to look forward to on the trip, in addition to the trip itself. And of course, she was done with the first book, Twilight by the time we reached the Gulf (the book is 495 pages!!). INHALED it!

This next one is the final in the series and I pre-ordered her copy, so she’s stoked! The last book had “extras” like the bookcover being a small poster (now living on her wall) and it had 2 iron-ons included. The heroine in the story has two possible loves and she is supposed to be choosing in the final book, so we have put Team Jacob” on a grey t-shirt and Team Edward” on a white and grey baseball jersey. She is pulling for Jacob, so she very reluctantly let her 22 year old sister borrow the Edward jersey after lending her the first 3 books and getting her hooked on the series as well!

The point was I need to sleep πŸ˜‰

Eventually I really DO get around to the point…I just tend to take detours and bypasses on my way there!

See ya’ll on the morrow! Pleasant dreams!



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  1. I love the colors and lions and tigers and bears! It is so very you!
    I will see you at schedule pick up tomorrow….hopefully all will go smoothly. Our last little kitty cats are entering middle school….time seems to be flying by so quickly. What will we do with ourselves when they are off to college? tear

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