I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Echoes from Past Postings:

(in response to having had life throw me a curve and having my “online support”):

December 22,2004:

As an update, I wanted to remind all of Ya’ll that sometimes the holiday season puts everyone on edge and they become a little more “sensitive” and defensive, so….
give others the room that you would have given unto you, so to speak!

For those who care to know, each day that passes becomes a little better. NOT to be confused with everything is okay. Just better.

Still surreal. Still confusing. Still feelin it deep, just not constantly.

“It” doesnt occupy my mind all the time and grey out my world. Its becoming more intermittent and there is color seeping back in.

And I know this sounds silly (for those who dont understand why it affects me the way it does), but I don’t feel like the same person I was a few short weeks ago. So I guess that all things being equal, growth has
occured, perhaps I am a bit more cautious when it comes to people, and one day….well, I guess that more will be revealed!

A scene from one of my favorite movies, MOONSTRUCK, comes to mind:

Johnny has just broken off his engagement with Loretta and she is pissed-not unhappy about it, just pissed that he broke his promise.
He tries to placate her and she responds with what I feel is an accurate statement regarding most things of the same theme:

Johnny: “One day you will see that this is for the best.”

Loretta fires back,

“And one day you will die and I’ll come to your funeral in a red dress!”

~One of the best movies as far as quotable lines,in my humble opinion!)

Red is one of my colors, as it so happens 😉

So, I just wanted to let you guys know that your being out there in cyberland listening really helps.

If I have something that is weighing me down, the best I can do for relief is to write it out, type it out, or talk it out. Because the key word there for me is “out” – It’s outta my head and sometimes, that’s all it
Conversely, if I have something that lifts me up and brings a bit of the divine into my humble lil ole mortal muddle, then I want to share it with others so that maybe they can experience what I have.

‘Nuff said for today!


One Response

  1. Wha? Huh?

    It’s an “echo from a past posting”-originally written in Dec of ’05…from the MHG GoogleGroup, not long after it was started

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