Living a Dream

I have a friend, April

who always wanted to travel to Costa Rica (and other regions nearby) so she could immerse herself in the culture as she learned the language. It was a dream of hers. I suppose we all have those dreams and aspirations we hold inside, hoping “one day” to be able to see them to fruition. Its hard NOT to be inspired by April in her ability to make that leap from “one day” and “I wish” to “Now” and “I will”!

The following pictures are just a few she sent via email from Costa Rica earlier this week. She found a program that allowed her to stay there for 6 weeks, living with a host family while studying in classes to learn the language as she goes.

Getting to live through someone else’s eyes the culmination of a long-held dream in words in pictures…it moves me, motivates me, inspires me, and uplifts me!

Gracias mi amiga Abril!



Click on the pics for larger views 😉

5 Responses

  1. Well holy crap! Inspiring indeed.

  2. My life is so small.

  3. And insignificant.

  4. to live your dream is LIVING!!!! well done girl!

  5. well, I think I’m just gonna get going with that inspiration! Thanks.

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