Painter of Rhymes

I found this poet/painter via a trip through Blogosphere (I can’t remember where!) BUT I like it and I thought I’d share 😉

Here is a poem and one of his paintings … He is Sohrab Sepehri, an Iranian poet and painter, also known as:

The Painter of Rhymes

The Gentle Time of Sands

The rain washed all the sides of my rest

I was playing with the gentle sands of departure

I was daydreaming flower print naps.

I was sunk in the freedom of moist sands.

For I was sad.

A lovely nap was spread in the meadow

And something in the middle of the nap

looked like the insight of light:

A cluster of grape covered all the tears,

And got me confused

within the sense of repair of silence

and the tree and its intense incidence.

I saw that the tree was

And when the tree is

One should stay over and again

within the permanence of white

and the presence of light.

But then what about this damned despair?

By Sohrab Sepehri
Translation Maryam Dilmaghani


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