So we survived yesterday! HA ZAH! Thanks go out to Shadow for taking that deep breath of winter and even sending a cool breeze in this direction! Who knows? It may be here soon! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Seriously, I went through the house closing blinds and curtains on top of that, which helps a little. Floor fans strategically placed at the top of the stairs and in the main room of the house, plus we have a portable AC unit that you can roll into place anywhere that has a window to vent it. Set THAT up yesterday for the first time this summer, so that helped. The AC spent all day yesterday trying to regulate the temperature in the house, never shutting off until yesterday evening, so this ought to be one hefty power bill at the end of July,huh?ย  I’m just grateful we have things we can do to ease the heat some…there are many out there who aren’t able to.

I spent a little bit of time on the internet last night right before bed, which is typically when I post here. However this time I got lost in sites devoted to creative outlets (sounds like a place to get creativity at clearance prices!).ย  I started out looking for what dissolves acrylic paint, having seen a YouTube video of an art technique that I was intrigued by. By the time I was done, I had added at least 3 new sites to my daily reader that were similar to Rick Mobbs’ Image Prompt Thursdays , one of my favorite creative inspiration sites (Ekphrasis writing at its best), only these were more along the lines of weekly challenges, offering subjects to draw, paint, etc. as a theme! I’m really excited about it and hope that I can carve out some time to devote to trying some of these ideas. We shall see!

While doing these things, I was also scanning in some old photos for some of the next generation members of my family who wanted them added to FaceBook. I told them I would do it several weeks ago, and figured while I was looking up videos that may have some fun new techniques to try, I would scan at the same time. Still have to post them, but at least they are in my computer now (half the battle for me!)

While I was doing THOSE things, I cleared all pertinent info OFF of my desktop computer so my hubby can reformat the drive and start all over. I don’t know why, but this process always feels like stepping off a wall for me. I think, “Ok. What would I HATE to lose off of this computer? Pictures, of course. Writing. Programs that I use. Programs I MIGHT use. Ebooks I have every good intention of reading. Music. Audio books…..”and then I realize that pretty much EVERYTHING is in some way important to me, else it wouldn’t be SAVED on my hard drive to begin with!! What if I lose some of it? What if I forget some random really important thing I haven’t used yet, but had intended to get around to and if I lose it, I might not remember! Silly, isn’t it? ๐Ÿ˜‰ But yet I still found myself filling up spare hard drives with everything I could before the clearing process begins! Probably a control issue or some variation to resistance to change, but for whatever the reason, I hate having to do it! I’ll let you know how it all turns out…

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I need to get some of those pesky things done that I need to so I’ll have time left to do some of those that I want to.

Balance is a state I’m still trying to master. Sigh…laundry is calling ๐Ÿ™‚




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  1. Um, where are the links?

    I haven’t tried the challenges yet, so I figured I should before recommending them…I’ll email them to you?

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