Lyrics and Van Morrison

I get emails from fellow music/lyric lovers periodically and they pass on the songs that have lyrical content that speak to them. Yet another branch of the “ALL ABOUT THE WORDS” theme that weaves its way into every aspect of my life. 😉

Example: On an old GoogleGroup, there was a discussion thread that was devoted to posting nothing but lyrics that other members felt had an impact on their recovery…it turned into a thread with around 75+ additions. And while that group’s dynamics have changed drastically, I still get the occasional email with lyrics, which I appreciate more than I can say. (I MISS having people in my life that LOVE music in the same way as I do.) I don’t know this song, but rest assured I will go find it.

Peace, ~me

I Forgot That Love Existed ~ Van Morrison

I forgot that love existed troubled in my mind.
Heartache after heartache, worried all the time.

I forgot that love existed

Then I saw the light

Everyone around me make everything alright.

Oh, oh Socrates and Plato they
Praised it to the skies.

Anyone who’s ever loved
Everyone who’s ever tried.

If my heart could do my thinking
And my head begin to feel
I would look upon the world anew
And know what’s truly real.

(photo by Scott Stepko)


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