Wordle Fun, Jason Mraz Style

FUN new game that is of epic awesomeness!

The youngest sent me this link. Here’s how you play:

You type in a web address with RSS feed OR type in a whole bunch of random words and a new cloud is created. It picks random words (or discriminates how you tell it to) and WHUMP! There it is 🙂

FUN! And I can think of a bunch of different ways to use it…hmmm (the hamster wheels in my head begin to spin)

I tested it on Jason Mraz’s blog, since I had just read his post he posted today. Put a Freshness Factor Five Thousand spin on it, so to speak.

See? Click on the picture to see the words better 😉

WORDS from Jason Mraz

WORDS from Jason Mraz

PLUS, he’s all about the words too … like me 😉 Go HERE to see it up close and personal (or make your own!)

A quote by the oh-so-fresh words of Jason Mraz that I often use to fill in the “About” section of social sites and other blogs:

“I can’t help but to immediately begin to shape sentences when I see something amazing. Its my way of feeling like I’m actually standing or lying here with someone. Its always been my best friend and counselor…its how I celebrate every aspect of my spiritual self. This is the reason I am on this adventure.” (Jason Mraz)

Have a FUN weekend!!




2 Responses

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  2. enjoy your weekend too. gonna test that word game now…

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