A Poem from the Vault – Daffodils

This is one of the oldest poems I kept through the years.

I wrote it in 1986 at the way-too-young-to-be-a-parent age of 18, shortly after my eldest was born.

It’s funny…I read it and I remember being that girl. I remember feeling that passionately and fiercely protective.  I read it with my 22 years-older eyes and while I cringe at some of the naive expressions, I find little that I would change in the sentiment.


Lost among the willow weeds

The sturdy young daffodil

Raises its petals to a nurturing sun

Over endless time




Striving to rise above

The destructive, ominous willow weeds

Struggling with natural forces to bask

In the full radiance

Of the life-giving sun and rain


Through perseverance and determination

Wisdom won through confusion and doubts

The daffodil, in all of its floral glory


Surmounting even the highest,

Most difficult weeds

To become a bright splash of gold

In a sea of gray

May life be a journey

Of spiritual battles won

Of wisdom gained from mistakes

Until your golden light shines

Across the foreboding grays

Of prejudice

Of war

Of violence

Of destruction

So that ultimately

One day your light will be reflected back to you

By other golden daffodils

Shining throughout an often grey world…




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  1. oh that’s lovely!!!!

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