August 30, 2005


Feels like I am standing on the edge

My toes peek over , the winds pushing from every which direction

I look over my shoulders, seeing people – others poised like I am

Some have gathered their strength and taken a dive – straight out into the air

God! I envy that free fall!

Wanting so badly to jump, muscles aching from holding

my spirit in check

What will it take to finally cause me to just jump?

Will something PUSH me over?

Will some wind of change lift me from my perch and thrust me out towards the abyss?

Will I only jump when I feel the ledge below me start to crumble and give way?

I worry not so much about the what will happen to me after I leap,

as the who will be hurt if I do?

And is that worry enough to keep me here?

Unable to step backwards into where I was before

Before I became aware that a gap was before me

Unable to stay balanced here at the edge forever either

… with all that is in me pushing me forward



One Response

  1. i too have wondered about the same things… fortunately the abyss has receeded. so too the urge to jump.

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