Lou Zerr

Found this surfing tags (I did NOT know I could do that! How cool is that??):

So….Is this Debbie Downer‘s husband?

Doom N Gloom … Ahhhh, the drama! When I hear these thoughts coming from the mouths of those around me, I want to say, “Seriously? Get OVER yourself!”… which of course I don’t unless the words are coming from somebody who I love.

And if you hear the same coming from me?

Do unto me what I would do unto you and call me on it! Say to me, “Hey, you! Debbie. Get a grip.” Tell me what I sound like so I can laugh at the absurdity of myself. I can hear the silliness in it when you say it, sure, but chances are when I’m saying it, I can’t hear the words coming out of my mouth. The Woe’sME is muffling what is actually being sold and bought by me.

Finding the humor,

~ me 🙂


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