Letting Go

SO many true and profound words have I found on these sites!!

Today, I bring two completely opposite views on one of my favorite topics:

Learning to Let Go.



Bird in the Hand by *joy55 on deviantART

Aidin – 2008

It was within the art of learning to let go
that I truly discovered the magic of holding on.

And from another Daily Read, The Last Chance Texaco (paraphrased):

Just like with drugs and alcohol, it seems to be a natural part of my character that until I have exhausted every other possible means of doing something, tried out every tiny, mad idea about how I can manage on my own power to get my life to work out the way I want it to, entertained every lurking notion my ego can generate, and laid waste to every reservation disguised by unwillingness, I am incapable of surrendering that part of my life to the Higher Power and the principles that got me sober. I simply do not surrender unless I have failed in every possible way I can think of.

…Wisdom, for me, comes not from making a mistake, but from making every mistake.

2 Responses

  1. that second one really spoke to me. thanks for posting it!

  2. http://ytfe.blogspot.com/2008/06/let-it-go.html

    i think the ultimate is to ‘bless’ in word and action
    whether we make a mistake is not such a big deal, there will be others, but did we try and did we bless…

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