Independence Day


Have a wonderful, safe holiday (for those of you celebrating) and if you’re not here in

the US, have a spectacular weekend!



Some WOW (Words ‘O Wisdom) from the Mraz perspective:

Shine a Light

Being out of the country, some people wonder whether it’s weird to celebrate the 4th of July anywhere but home. This is yet another summer traveling abroad. Last year I saw a foreign nation pay tribute to our explosiveness by setting off fireworks in narrow streets, over abstract rooftops. Or maybe it was coincidence rather. I caught the glimpse from a nifty hotel perspective. I admired the sparkle, but I heard no boom. Not even a fizzle.

My Dad & StepMom are here this week touring the UK with us. This is the first July 4th out of the country for either of them. In fact, my Dad hasn’t been outside of the US in almost 40 years. He said something brilliant to me yesterday with a well of water resting on his lower lids.
“I didn’t know what day it was this morning,” he grinned. “It’s been years since that’s happened me… and you know what? I don’t care. I’m on vacation.”

I hope July 4th goes beyond political independence and takes over individual lives. We are all free to be. We are free to forget. We are free to dream. We are free to scream. So celebrate something in your own way today, this week, and the rest of the year. Light that dormant fuse in your ass and sparkle once in a while. Help me hear the boom from way out here.


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