Would I Be A Cat?

Echoes from past postings:

What animal would YOU be if you were an animal?

Ok, NOT a bird nor looking up…I get that vertigo thing and I have a gimpy neck.

After much thought (WAAAAY too much, but thats another post!)…

I think I must be just simple house cat:

  • they can spaz out but land on their feet, always appearing to have MEANT to spaz out…
  • they spend most of their time stretching and napping either by a fire or in a sunbeam…
  • they cannot HELP but investigate the why’s of the world with their curiosity…
  • they purr when they are content and happy…
  • they can love you and you them, but remain independent by the same measure…
  • they are quiet and padded, stealthily prowling through life…
  • they can be playful with the proper motivation, but deadly serious when tracking prey (read: moths) …

MOST of all,

  • they have the proverbial “nine lives” with which to screw up.

meow. 😉

Finding the humor~


One Response

  1. there’s a saying/quote i read once, something about cats being worshipped by the egyptians in times gone by, and to date they havent’ forgotten. too true!

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