Sunnyside Up or Scattered & Smothered

Posted March 7, 2005:

Hey Ya’ll!

Started out this morning scattered,smothered,& muted.
Ended the day Sunnyside Up.

The weight of the day did NOT rest on my shoulders…I followed your

I tried to appreciate every thing that presented itself in my life
today, as it occurred, whether I wanted to or not.
I found that by simply praying for awareness, I became acutely
aware…and I recognized (again) that its not

all rainbows and butterflies ~

it’s about appreciation
of the joys & the sorrows

the mudane & the miraculous
the laughter & the tears

In other words,I was reminded again of how much this program and all
you people teach me to keep it simple and be grateful. Period.

“Just happiness will not be of much help, because there will be no

Just pain will not be of much growth, because there will be nothing to
struggle, to hope, to dream; there will be no fantasy.

Both are needed, and life exists between both as a very delicate
tension, a subtle tension.

If you understand this, then you don’t choose.
Then you know how life functions, how life is.

This is the way,
this is the way of life —
it moves through happiness,
it moves through suffering
and gives you tone,
and gives you meaning,
and gives you depth.
So both are good”. ~Osho


One Response

  1. ups and downs, we gotta have them. to appreciate the ups when they’re there… oh yes!

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