Update on Status & All that CRAP


**UPDATE around midnight**

Ok, I admit THAT (↑) was vague, but I didn’t have time to post it all at that moment!

Simply put (yeah,right! See post before this one):

We asked someone we’ve known for over a decade to come by and take care of the kitties while we were on vacation – you know, make sure there’s food and water, check the litterbox (its automatic, but needs emptying a couple of times a week), bring in the mail and papers, check on the house and make sure its all good, etc. We even had them come by a week early to tell them in person what to expect, since we knew that they weren’t familiar with our newest addition,


and wanted to be sure they had met him & heard his brief history in our family.

Side note: (Skitty was a stray that stood at the back door for over a week and looked in the window. He wouldn’t let us near him and finally we decided if there he was – WANTING to join our dysfunction, we really couldn’t see turning him away! So we fed him and s -l -o -w -l -y built up trust . We took him to the vet (a very exciting story, all unto itself!) and had him cleaned up, fixed, vaccinated, etc., and got him comfortable enough to come into the house for brief periods and let us pet him. Now he eats from the same food bowl as the other two, comes in and hangs out with Tucker, lets us pet him -he’s still initially skittish, but warms up – and is basically an outdoor cat who comes in sometimes. Okay, back to the point!)

I called and sent text messages several times to make sure everything was ok “yes,” we were assured – “the cats were fine, everything was great.”

When we walked into the house Saturday evening, the first thing out of everyone’s mouth was “What is that SMELL?”…must be the litterbox, we decided. So rounding the corner, who do I see on the chair, comfortably sitting with Tucker?

Yep. It was Skitty. Why is that significant?


Indeed. How long had he been “trapped” in the house? We aren’t sure. BUT

he used my littlest’s room – mostly her bed – to poop on. To pee he found my son’s bed(S), as in BOTH beds!

Based on the evidence at hand, we estimate he had to have been in the house for AT LEAST several days, if not all week!!

I KNOW!! Additionally, my older cat Gracie, who HATES both of the boy cats, was outnumbered and most probably stalked by the boyz. This is a pretty common occurance, though I usually intervene, scooping her up and carrying her out of harm’s way. Which is why I suspect there were at least 2 places in MY room (INSIDE a dufflebag that was open on the floor of my closet and ON TOP of a stack of clean, folded laundry on my loveseat!) that had been peed on, probably by a cornered Gracie, who would have naturally taken refuge in my room.


we can only speculate as to all the goings on, but suffice it to say that it’s taken 2 days, a commercial laundromat, several of every type of disinfectant and air freshener available on the store shelves, a steam cleaner, and lots of WASHING to even BEGIN to make it right! Did I mention that the programmable thermostat had been turned up to around 79° for the time we were going to be out of the house? All week? Uh, yeah. Don’t suppose that helped the whole situation!

Both kids had to sleep in the spare room our first night home on blowup mattresses while we let everything air out. We were afraid that my son’s beds were a total loss, as anyone who’s ever had a cat pee on a sofa, mattress, or anything of that ilk knows – it NEVER smells clean again! Fortunately, his 2nd bed had a mattress cover on it (from when he was VERY little) and his bed he sleeps in didn’t seem to have had it reach mattress level. All of his bedding was salvagable, except the pillows, which we had to throw away. He will sleep tonight in his own room, in his own CLEAN bed.

On the other hand, the littlest’s room was the most affected by, um, “odor”. There were at least 8 “incidents” that took place on her comforter, one on the floor, and most appeared to have been there for quite some time. We have burned candles, taken all bedding out for cleaning (and a closet full of clothes!), sprayed down curtains, ceiling, ANYTHING that can absorb odor, burned scented oil, put baking soda pet odor killer on the floor overnight, vacuumed that up before steam cleaning with an OXY disinfectant every bit of carpet that can be steamed, and have had the windows open with fans on since yesterday evening when we arrived. She will still be in the spare room for another night, but hopefully we can begin to reassemble her room in the next 24 hours. The comforter miraculously came clean in a commercial laundromat and we only had to throw out pillows again.

Did we talk to the caretaker throughout the week? Yes, of course.

I don’t know yet what the story is behind all the obvious questions. I needed the past day to calm down from the homecoming before getting the straight poop! I was fuming. I wanted to rid myself of being so pissed before trying to resolve all the questions. Dump the anger, so to speak! (Lol! Just had to use the antonyms – I really don’t get that upset about most things. Aggravated? Sure…)

Ha! 😀 My funny bone seems to be intact, so I’d venture a guess that eventually it will all be a de-stink-t memory!

Exhausted. Must sleep. Till tomorrow!


4 Responses

  1. What the hell? You gotta give me more than this!

  2. hiya! thanks for the kind thoughts you left… will tell all later on how it went…

  3. wow,,, sorry the cat care went awry! what a frustration! no apologies for an anger dump needed on this one… lol

  4. Daaaahhuuuum!

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