Monday, June 16, 2008


Curiosity will take you to wonderful places you never would have otherwise known you could go. Curiosity is, at its heart, a love for life and everything in it. Those who are the most authentically and persistently curious are the best informed. Simple, sincere curiosity brings a richness of wisdom and unique experience into your life.

The biggest impediment to curiosity is arrogance. For in order to be truly curious, you must first admit that you do not know.

Keep in mind that intelligence is more than a measure of what you already know. Intelligence depends on always being open to learning new things, some of which will contradict and supersede what you already thought you knew.

Though curiosity will often compel you to undertake great effort, curiosity itself requires no effort. Drop your pretenses, allow yourself to be curious, and you are.

There is no end to the wonder that you can discover, wherever you are, whatever you do. Be curious, and be fully alive.

— Ralph Marston


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  1. and that’s why cats are superiour beings, heee heee heee

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