Float On

“Life finds my entire being irrelevant in its decision to send itself careening through the streets of time…

All I can do is buckle up.” ~ Author Unknown

I love that quote!

“Careening” is such a powerful word in that context – powerful and colorful!

Seems lately that my theme/lesson to be learned is “Let it go”. “It” being




perceived hurts…

trying to be anyone, at any point in life, other than myself right where I am…

attempts to control the currents of life!

Life is so completely random, but there is reason in the madness!

I’ve learned that there isn’t much point in hurrying or slowing yourself down for anything. Everything is exactly as it’s meant to be, despite our best intentions and efforts! Whatever part of life wants to hit you, will hit you, believe me. It’s dealing with those blows that defines character so eloquently.

If there is no hurrying towards or slowing down for, it frees me up to enjoy the ride and move with the flow of my life.

Float On! (Modest Mouse’s song for goin with the flow) Enjoy!




One Response

  1. i’m glad i too, finally, realised, that i cannot control everything. and yes, what will happen, will! totally pointless to go against the stream and try to change that. lovely insight!

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