WHUMP! There’s the tune

I was talking with a friend of mine and they referenced a “Whump Button”. A “whump button”?

It is a button like the Easy Button Staples has, only instead of saying “That was easy”, it begins playing a snippet of “Whump! There it is” when you press it. Apparently readily available for purchase in a store near you, it can serve as an attitude adjuster when you need it! How handy is that?

A few years ago, while discussing music and its essential role in my life, somebody shared with me that they choose a song to listen to first thing in the morning – usually in the shower – that sorta sets the tone for the day. So now, I find myself doing just that every morning…I choose a song to set the mood for the day.

AHHHHHHHH Yessssss….

Consciously some days, unconsciously other days, I find that I tend to scan the playlist until I find Just the right song to fit where my heart and mind are. It sets the tone and my attitude adjusts … which seems remarkably similar to the Whump Button! 🙂

I used to actually have mixed CD’s labeled in my car according to what they were for.

“Sing Loudly” were those songs I WANT to sing to, but don’t have the voice for. So I CRANK IT UP and sing loudly (windows up), allowing the sheer volume to compensate for my lack of vocal skills. Songs like “Unbreak My Heart” by Toni Braxton or “Against All Odds” by Phil Collins.

Yeah. You do NOT want to hear me try, trust me!

One was labeled “ARRRGGGHHH”. Music to sing to when I’m really frustrated or angry. Godsmack’s “Awake

… Metallica “Enter Sandman and other songs to vent to.

One was “Blue” – music that can either bring you down OR can be a good soundtrack while feeling loss, regret, etc. I remember there were a couple of volumes of this one, but I think just about everyone has a collection they can call “Blue”! For the record, there weren’t any country songs on this one, despite how prolific the sentiment is in country music!

My WHUMP button lately has been one I featured recently in a post.

Its the song you hear instead of a ringing when you call my cell phone.

Its the one that plays in my head most of the time (it will be AWESOME when I actually learn the lyrics! Heh)

And when I get into my car and look for something to listen to, it’s usually the one I scan to find.

WHUMP! There it is…

what’s YOUR whump button/song you seek right now?


One Response

  1. i was wondering where the “whump” button was going …
    didn’t know if it was gonna be a “woman-thing” lol

    too funny – great post… my mind ran off in the ditch with this one lol

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