One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE reads is someone I STUMBLED UPON when I joined Stumble Upon, Cherish Me. She finds some wonderful photos in Deviant Art and writes poetry that pulls no punches – not the usual fare of flowers and hearts. She inspires me to be a better observer of life and to try to take time to put words to things in my life that hit me the way her words strike a chord in me. So here’s one of hers from today, at the end of mine (how appropriate!).


~me 🙂

Aidin – 2008

Suburban crickets
lonely tones adrift.

Shadows paint moon;
translucent marks on a table of night.

Stars spill like secrets no longer kept.

Today and tomorrow, they flicker.
Then a glimpse in the sky
of those places beyond.

Of peace, of measure,
of truth, and of pleasure.

Sleep now, once more,
without dreams.


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  1. that is truly lovely. gonna check out the link…

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