Yes, we are indeed back from roaming through Atlanta! I don’t have time to properly post, so I’ll just say that it was a very FUN and interesting time – tomorrow I’ll post in depth, but for now its just good to be back home! πŸ™‚




3 Responses

  1. welcome home!!!

  2. Yeah! Le Le is home. I am glad that you all had a good time. Will I see you Thurs morn at meeting?

  3. i live in atlanta. i’d be glad to be back home if i were visiting. it’s so damned hot here, and the streets are so very unfriendly in the summer, simply because people are too hot to be nice, and the sidewalks really can fry eggs.
    welcome to atlanta. now go home.

    LoL! Atlanta WAS my home for some time back in the 80’s. It seems to have become more congested and ever so slightly less friendly than then, but with family living there, we visit often…I usually leave remembering WHY it was that I moved away!
    For the record – while it WAS hot there, it was the same temp and humidity level as home. S’what air conditioners are for! πŸ™‚

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