I spent 7 hours today celebrating at two different weddings. I think at least for the time being, I’m about wedding-ed out!

They were very different, very beautiful weddings. Each marked by the personalities of the couples and their families, I can’t say that I favored one or the other; I loved each for the small things that made them unique.

Red roses…white roses…custom made veils that trailed the length of the dresses’ train… a father/daughter dance that had both in tears … a flower girl that cried and refused to walk down the aisle by herself, but did with the help of her mother… a preacher who introduced the bride and groom to the gathering as “Mr and Mrs (Bride’s Surname)” instead of the grooms and then turned beet red as he hurried to correct the mistake while the entire place exploded in laughter… the newly married couple coming into their reception to the Auburn Fight Song (heh) … and finally, the last song played in the church as the wedding party exited 2 by 2 being Micheal Buble’s Cover of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”… Bubbles and sparklers instead of rice as they were leaving… all in all a very ecclectic and fun day!

I’ll put up a few pictures from today sometime tomorrow, so for now enjoy the MB version of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and finally my grandparent’s wedding picture 🙂

With love,



4 Responses

  1. LOVED the old picture of your grandparents!!!! How lovely. Do you have more?!

    And the weddings? Anyone I know? Sounds like you had fun.

  2. I can’t wait to hear all about the people watching at the weddings! Get some rest…I’ll see ya on Monday morn 8am?

  3. beautiful picture of your grandparents!

  4. I remember those old days when i see that pic

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