Sex and The City Girls Night Out

Girl’s Night Out for May was….

I had a really fun time tonight, going to the Sex and The City premier as this month’s Girls Night Out…especially if you enjoy people watching! And let me tell you, there was plenty to watch!

I don’t think I’ve been out to a theater where every other woman had on 4″ heels and was dressed as though heading to an ACTUAL wedding as tonight! Many of the ladies at  the Monaco Pictures Theater were dressed to the Nines! (Although Art on the Rocks a couple of years ago still wins the prize for most fun people watching!) Note that nobody in our group had on those shoes!

There ended up being only 5 out of the 12 or so girls who had talked about wanting to go – unless you count “Bernice”, the 15 -passenger van we travel in sometimes with her bevy of hula girls stuck onto the dash! For those who wanted to, but couldn’t (c.a.!) – WE MISSED YOU!!!

Michele, her boss and co-worker Alissa (owner of Average to Art who joined us for the first time), Anna, her aunt Jan, and Moi. We were the first into the theater and got to pick the very best of seating, which was a good thing because it filled up QUICKLY!! I think I counted a total of around 12 men in the entire theater (smart guys!). It was a good movie if you LOVE the series and was still good even if you weren’t a devoted fan of the show!

Afterwards, we went strolling through the Bridge Street Town Center,

listening to the sounds of musicians playing their songs in different locations (loved the young guy with the guitar – he played Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”) and enjoying watching all the people! We went into Richard Cable Interiors there – Alissa knew the owner – who asked Michele if he could put her artwork on the walls to sell! Needless to say Michele FLOATED, skipped, and sashayed her way to the van when it was time to go home! More fun people watching-or person watching!

Had a good time, but I’m reallllllly tired! 2 Weddings to go tomorrow! 🙂




2 Responses

  1. How wonderful!

  2. I had so much fun!!!! But we didn’t plan for who was going to do next months?!?
    Oh well I am sure it will work out. I am glad to read that you had a great time too. You are a good fiend Mis LeLe:)

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