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I was out of internet, cable, and telephone for a while, but its back to working again! You’d have thought that the world was ending by the sounds of the “Whoa’s Me” coming from my kiddos when it went out!

“Uh, Mom? MY TV quit working!! Why does this always happen to MY TV?” (As though it were all about him!)

“Hmmm…” I say. “Let me go check another TV before I call the cabl….”

“MOM!” concerned voice #2 says. “Uh, I can’t get my internet to reload.”

(uh oh…)

“Alright you two! One of you pick up the phone and tell me if its working”, I say.

“Nope!”, comes the chorus of two.

“Well, you guys know what that means? ITS DIVINE INTERVENTION telling us to go to bed!!” (heh! Ulterior motives can be a GOOD thing, as a parent 😉 ) “Lights out in 10 minutes and I’ll see about getting it back tomorrow.”

In his defense, my son WAS in the middle of watching the NBA playoffs, which suxed because you can’t get it without the cable. But the rest?  Eh….they survived. And I got to go to bed earliER than I would have normally and read most of a book before turning off the lights.

Weekend coming up!! It’s going to be full – Girl’s Night is tomorrow night & will be at the Sex and the City premier – love spending time with friends, not REAL excited about the movie (never really watched it alot) BUT will be there with bells on to spend time with my girls!! – then the eldest arrives with her boyfriend on Saturday for 2 weddings that day (had to make sure there were 2 SEPARATE places for them to sleep and that the house was decently clean!) . Not sure yet about Sunday…could be a recoup from the previous 2 days? I dunno…verdremo (we shall see)!

Have a wonderful weekend, if I don’t see ya!!




2 Responses

  1. with the load shedding we had here, the bean was at a loss for things to do that didn’t involve power… an eye-opener…

    enjoy your weekend!!!!!

  2. Hope the movie was good. I already read the spoilers on the nets. But I am still going to watch it at the movies. Who all went tonight?

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