Sleeping In

Everyone in the house is still asleep!

It’s almost 11am and I can’t believe everyone is still asleep!!

I woke up at 5:10…thought, “oh HELL no!” and rolled over, waking again at 8:45.

I’ve been following rabbit trails online ever since!

I think I’ll go get my 2nd cup of coffee since this one is ICE cold and go hold mirrors under noses to check for signs of life 🙂

Have a Memorable Memorial Day!




2 Responses

  1. your kittys are delightful. i just love drifting through my house when everyone’s asleep. but okay, 11am is pushing it…. and dogs aren’t as intent on sleeping as cats are, so it’s never soooo quiet my side.

  2. For the record…the mirrors did fog up and the process of checking for signs of life woke them all up 😉

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