Boys & Girls & gods

Are you confused, perhaps?
A compass without arrows,
me where I should go

Spinning uselessly as time beats out it’s steady rhythm

All I can do
is be still and wait, listening a while longer

Failures in the darkness,

We learn to accept what we fear to know…

Little boys can’t play men,
And little girls can’t play women,

And the even the strongest people can’t play God
photo by Frederic Pascual.

3 Responses

  1. hey! powerful words.

    seems we are thinking along the same lines today…

  2. Hey backatcha!
    The words were a couple of years ago, though pertinent more often than just when they were written!

    And we very often ARE of the same mind, albeit different time zones and sides of the world … we should chat sometime

  3. truly, good words never loose their meaning. would love to chat, send me your e-mail address, i won’t publish it.

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