Slug Sunday

Yep. Today I was a slug…sort of. I did sluggish things like folding laundry while watching movies.

I forgot yesterday to put up my Flickr account link, but it was because I hadn’t uploaded anything yet 🙂

Go here: or look for me under Fence Postings.




3 Responses

  1. those flower fields are stunning. and that one with the colourful umbrella! and the duck. actually, they all are a pleasure to view…

  2. WOW! I love your photos. My oldest brother loved photography and especially taking close-up of wild flowers. He’s too old to get around well enough to do that any longer but his son David inherited his talent. If you ever have time you might want to explore his very extensive photo albums on his website @

  3. I will, and thank you! I love looking at other people’s photos 🙂

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