Serendipitous Saturday

Today I woke up to an alarm, despite that it’s a Saturday and generally I don’t use an alarm on weekends. My youngest had to go meet her group for one of their volunteer work days, cleaning up a camp at a local lake.

Half asleep, I dropped her off and noticed that the sky was exceptionally blue, the air almost chilly blowing in through my window. Hmmm …

As my brain started to wake up, I thought, “Man! That blue would be an awesome backdrop for pictures today. I wonder if I can find some time…maybe if I get everything done first…”

Now, around here, all the churches have signs out front that have some weekly inspirational message on them. As I passed one that I pass almost every day, my mind on how I could work in some camera time, I noted the sign. It read something like this:

“If you wait for everything to work out perfectly, it will never happen”.

Seriously. It said that. S’all I needed to hear! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I went home, grabbed a cup of coffee to go, a snack and a water bottle, and my camera backpack.

Grabbing my keys, I took advantage of my hubby’s unconscious state and whispered, “Um, hey…listen…do we have anything we’re supposed to be doing this morning?” After he confusedly and groggily mumbled “no”, I said “GREAT! See you in a bit – I’m going to shoot some pictures, ‘cuz the sky is THAT color blue.”

“Wait” he asked, “are you staying here or leaving?”.

“Well, I think I’ve shot just about everything here, so yeah. I’m going to leave…but I’ll be back in a bit! Go back to sleep.”

I didn’t leave our suburb because: a) even with a fuel-efficient car, gas is too much and b) TECHNICALLY? I was still in my PJ’s, though I didn’t think they SEEMED too much like PJ’s ๐Ÿ™‚

I drove around looking for inspiration, after making sure the gas tank would let me! Windows down, iPod set to random I just meandered, enjoying the wind and the music.

I like to think the wind, the sun, and the music were my muses, opening my eyes up to things I see all the time, but in a different light. I had a wonderful time, losing myself in the beauty of the day.

What did I find? Let’s see…

  • New music I’ve had on my iPod for who knows how long but never heard
  • That when I open the back two windows just a little bit and the mine down all the way the wind blows my hair OFF my face
  • A lake with a singular goose who hammed it up for me
  • The same lake with a small brood of water moccasin snakes sunning themselves (I kept plenty far away, using my long lens…I’m not THAT naive!)
  • A pasture of yellow clover, running along a creek that I was a bit leery of after the encounter with the water moccasins
  • and a HUGE, overflowing ocean of wildflowers right off the highway, butterflies skipping across the surface!

So now I’m sorting through the 200 odd pictures I shot today, trying to objectively and judiciously decide which ones are keepers and which ones to send to the recycle bin. As soon as I figure it out, I’m uploading them to my Flickr account for posting. Maybe some of them here too.

Anyway, that was MY Saturday morning! And if I had planned it, it couldn’t have possibly been better than the unexpected and serendipitous morning and day I ended up having. Hope yours was full of unexpected joys and muses too!




3 Responses

  1. I like your day better than mine. I did absolutely NOTHING and felt like crap all day. I’m glad you got to get out in the great weather and can’t wait to see the pics By the way, I have a new look at Alabama Improper

    Now what is your flickr acount link?

  2. what an absolutely brilliant way to spend your morning. lucky for that church sign. will look out for those piccies…

  3. I’m anxious to see those photos but I’m such a dummy that I don’t know how to access your Flickr account. You should have access to my email address here, so would you be so kind and gracious as to send me an email with the URL to your Flickr account? ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hope you enjoy many more days as you did Saturday.

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