Laughter Being the Best Medicine…

I’m feeling a bit off today…not under the weather yet, but the feeling you get when you START to head in that direction! Personally, I know I’m getting sick when I exhibit any or all of the following symptoms:

  • my head aches. Sometimes a low-level ache, sometimes a pounding ache, but it aches!
  • my eyes burn. I don’t know why they do, but every time I start to get really sick, my eyes burn.
  • my skin is hyper-sensitive…and not in a good way! I get chills easily and even the softest t-shirt hurts against it
  • I cry for no apparent reason or overly react to something small…hallmark commercials can set me off!
  • My lower back through my knees just ache. Not that its not aching already, but it intensifies.

Being not myself, I thought I’d pull up some positive previous postings (or PPP) and throw them up here for today. Get some rest and see if that helps.

This is from a forum discussion in July of 05 when the topic of humor came up. Humor is as essential to me as breathing and is a wonderful distraction at the moment from having a BLAH day and feeling bad. Enjoy and see you tomorrow!
Peace, ~me

Hmmm…I think the phrase “finding the humor” has been my signature way of signing things online…in particular, this forum where the tendencies have been to find the lighter, shinier side in the shadows of life as we know it. This ability/curse to find humor in every situation has both kept me sane ( words from the peanut gallery) and has also caused me some grief when it spills out in the form of a chuckle, a smile, or an outright laugh at the MOST inappropriate moments. BUT, as Drewbie so aptly pointed out, it keeps my insignificance in perspective on the grand scale. And you have to admit it, even you REALLY SERIOUS PEOPLE…you really CAN find humor in even the most dire of situations and events, if you are open to it and looking.
And yes…there are many Lucy and Ethel moments when you get me and anyone (particularly either one of my daughters) in a situation that requires skill or grace.  It seems they have inherited that element of the gracefullness of an elephant combined with an appreciation for slapstick. Lots of laughs there. Many, many evenings after dinner the girls and i will look up and realize we have been sitting there for a WHILE and laughed at ourselves until we feel like we’ve had a true “Ab workout”! (hmm…wonder if I could SELL that idea….)
So yes.  Humor, and the ability to laugh at my ineptitude is essential to my wellbeing. And by doing so, it keeps my lil tiny bubble on the river of life in perspective and afloat.
Breathe in, breathe out…laugh..and dont drink in between (it may come through my nose! Ouch!) Finding the humor~ 🙂

Finding the humor~ 🙂


4 Responses

  1. may we NEVER loose the ability to laugh at ourselves, with others, at the sights we see and the situations we come across!

    here’s some rest and recuperation for you!

  2. LOVE that picture of you. You look beautiful.

    I love it when we all get together and laugh so hard that we have to pee our pants.

    I hope you feel better. Maybe we can hang out a little next week?

  3. Shiny things,

    having read your message I wondered if you would like to find out why you laugh at certain things.
    If you have any interest in the psychology of humor you might like to visit my GooglePage which is accessible through the academic section of HumorLinks, a site that houses the information on humor and laughter on the web.

    Go to the site below, scroll down until you see the elephant and blind men, and click on “A new theory of humor”.

    I think you will find it both interesting and enlightening.



  4. But when people start telling me how to change the world over a G-major chord, that’s when I generally leave the room. ,

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