Crystal Moments

Sometimes, I am going about my life in an ordinary way

And time, such as it is, comes to a sudden stop

When a singular, extraordinary moment exists, unique from the others before itTime stops

Within these moments, understanding resonates deep inside

I have experienced something that not a single other person in this world will ever feel

I felt every single second of my life…

…Every wish

every hope

every hurt

every fear

every joy

every tear

every laughter

every breath contained in every second of my life

compressed into a fleetingly singular and priceless heartbeat of a moment

The feeling is indelibly mine – the part of me not another soul will ever share or know

It is me and my perception of life’s unfolding my existence, as small as it is essential

Ineffable, it extends beyond the scope of what I know – it eclipses love

How ironic that such an immensely significant epiphany, I can never truly share!

Its heartbreakingly beautiful. Painfully, staggeringly, beautiful.

And as quickly as it has begun to settle, it is gone again




3 Responses

  1. and that’s why moments like that are more precious than any worldy thing

  2. happy mother’s day!

  3. And we will know peace.

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