Morning Stroll

In the silence of a morning alone, the elements of my day are discovered –and with that: my happiness, my life.

The sun has just risen, bringing light to one more day.

I love the smell of the morning!!

In it, I find comfort in possibilities, and in a gentle wind,

I hear the whispered reminder of the coming of summer. The sun shines into my heart.

Relatively insightful musings tangled with those that are nothing but silly and plain flow consistently.

I hear no silence …until I see a butterfly. 

Then, the whole world goes silent. I smile. It flutters away.

And my mind goes back to itself, running fast without being chased.

The faint sound of singing birds doesn’t fade

I discover then that you can be much more optimistic if you look straight up into the sky…

By strangers, I am looked at with skepticism … my laughter reinforces the judgment in their eyes while my face remains open to the endless blue above me. I can live with that.

Heaven forbid they every think me normal! 😉

Those elements which make up my day – my happiness and life are simply apparent

It takes no more than the most vulnerable thing to put time to a halt, and respectably earn its moment’s silence. It is the most vulnerable things that defeat even the strongest forces.

Love and butterflies, in the midst of this morning’s air, each moves in its own grace, there for us to see and marvel.

Lastly, the element my being in its entirety: will. The will to be satisfied by butterflies. Oh, flowers, too.

In one word, simplicity. Omit the mortal and base things and you are left with the most important of all, Love.

Though it may seem to be a naive and silly statement of an unrealistic optimist,

it remains a true and essential element for this optimist.




2 Responses

  1. Beautiful, I love “And my mind goes back to itself, running fast without being chased.”

  2. nature, mornings, nighttime, the sky, the moon… my tranquility pills those….

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