Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Another written long ago, I am too tired to write tonight. 🙂



Loneliness is never more cruel than when it is felt in close propinquity with someone who has ceased to communicate

Germaine Greer

They say to truly understand another, you should walk a mile in their shoes…
Let’s try this:
Switch shoes with me for a few moments … you can have yours back.

I just want you to be in my shoes for a minute or so…
You are ME now …
And the person you have come to trust and to love is hurting badly.
You haven’t got any semblance of a grip on what the issue is
because it has been weeks since you spoke more than a few sentences,
none with conviction…
The person you love is becoming “the vanishing point”
and you have found a whole new shade and meaning to fear…
So you try

– words spoken directly are shrugged off with “I’m fine”,
their eyes never quite meeting the question in yours
– you try sending messages, emails – there is no real reply
when you call there is no answer, only “leave a message”
You try
but they can’t hear what you’re saying when you talk to them
Words of love are rarely used anymore with feeling
by the person who holds a part of you, a piece of your heart.
While you hold on to your sanity
in tiny memories of moments

– looking at old photographs of when you were better, reading old letters searching for clues as to when they began to disappear, and remembering hearing the voice you LONG to hear,
telling you that they love you, everything is going to be alright, and to not worry
… until the pain of missing them makes it unbearable in face of the reality of today.
Pass me my shoes back,
You can have your shoes back now.
I hope they aren’t running shoes…
Would you tell me if they were?

2 Responses

  1. i’ve walked in those shoes before. nasty little road that.

  2. don’t wait for a response or an opening or an indicator
    just tell them…
    1. sit down here at the table across from me
    2. i am on your side
    3. you can count on me – no matter what
    4. i’m here when you are ready – so, don’t make any big decisions till we talk it out
    i would do this – at least you will have clarity that you expressed where your shoes are and will be

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