On the Road – Spring Concert and Graduation

Just a quick note, as we are on the road and at my Mom and Dad’s house tonight.

Last night was my son’s band Spring Concert. They have really worked hard this year and are preparing to go to Orlando to perform at Disney World next week (he has NEVER been away from home, so it should be interesting!). At the concert, they give out numerous awards and he won his first ever for “Most Improved Brass Student” for his dedication and progress this year! He wasn’t expecting it and he was obviously pleased, though he totally played it cool (Mom’s know the secretly pleased smiles). Anyway, he is “first chair” trumpet, which basically means that he competes with other players every few weeks and whoever wins is first chair, based on the teacher’s discretion. He TRIED and TRIED last year and never quite succeeded, but this year he’s held on to it and it earned him his award! πŸ™‚


My eldest baby graduates tomorrow from college and we went to the ceremony for Nursing students tonight. It was a FUN ceremony…and yes, I know “graduation ceremony” and “fun” aren’t usually used in conjunction with each other!! However the students elect a committee to plan it and she was one of 3 chairs who planned the ceremony, so it included a skit, music, a slideshow, and a few limited speeches. VERY personal…VERY intimate…VERY moving to me, as the parent. Her brother and sister, her father and I, and all 4 of her grandparents were there together (along with her boyfriend) to be a part of it and I am SO glad I was able to be there for this ceremony. It’s a pinning ceremony where they are each pinned with the college’s nursing pin, presented to the audience with what their plans are following graduation, then they all take an oath (Florence Nightingale Oath). The last thing was her getting up and giving the closing speech, which was so eloquent it moved me to tears. Even if it hadn’t been MY child up there, the speech was so well put together, the dean was kidding her about coming back and teaching! πŸ™‚

The Grad with her guy

My Kiddos

My baby all growed up and graduating...(sniff)..

Soooo….gotta get some sleep. Graduation and celebratory party to do tomorrow! Some cap n gown pics too, I’m sure!

Peace and love,



4 Responses

  1. hiya! well done to all your children. they are all performing so wonderfully. must be the influence of their great mom… and dad…

  2. You have every right to toot the horn for your offspring (although your boy must do it very well at it for himself). Congratulations to your children for their accomplishments, and to you for the great job you and their Dad did in raising them!

    BTW, since I’m relatively new here, I don’t know what school your daughter (Gawd, she is lovely!) graduated from. Could you clue me in?

  3. Surely! And thank you…we are proud of all of our kids! The end of the school year is upon us and as such, we have plenty of performances, ceremonies, etc….I expect that the Kid Postings will probably slow down soon πŸ˜‰

    Its UAB School of Nursing and we are just finishing up the post graduation party…we are exhausted!! But it was a great day and I’ll try and post before we head to bed! πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks for filling me in. When I die my remains will be donated to UAB. That’s a decision I made many years ago just before major surgery.

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