She won em all!! 1st in State!

ACTE State Winner for Web Page Design


First place in the ACTE State competition for her web page design!!

How cool is that?? She won competing against all the 5th/6th graders in our 9 county region, then WHUPPED UP on the competition, winning 1st place at the State Level :). I don’t know how many were competing, but there was a tie for 3rd, a 2nd, and her.

Upper right corner of the picture

The judge was most impressed with the fact that she had written the code herself, admitting that even SHE used a “cheat sheet” when it came to html codes in web design!

We are SOOOO proud of her and her hard work!!

She ROCKS! 🙂

Proudly and peacefully,



3 Responses

  1. That’s SUPER! A day to relish and remember. Congratulations to your little genius.

  2. well done!!!!!

  3. WAY TO GO! Absolutely brilliant and a very proud moment for all of us. Good Job kiddo.

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