according to my Karma Test, I didn’t have TOO bad of a year πŸ™‚

Take this test!

They seem to understand that holding grudges and placing blame on others aren’t positive ways to contribute to a situation. So when others treat them unfairly, or make mistakes, forgiving people tend to give these people the opportunity to make amends. Retaliation simply isn’t their style. And their capacity to genuinely forgive others strengthens their current relationships and may come back to them positively in the future. Through their concerted efforts to allow for others’ imperfections, they generate good karma for themselves and the universe as a whole.

I love quizzes and tests, especially if I’ve done them before at some point (chances are VERY good, in my case!) and I can see if there’s been any difference since the last time I took one.

In this case, there’s a “report” that goes with the cute lil widget that you can post.

I won’t bore you with the entire report (it is long), but hit the high notes on points that I can take and use in my daily life:

  • Forgiveness is an important component of karma. It helps you maintain a hopeful, optimistic perspective even when others let you down. Finding the generosity within yourself to give people a second chance can sometimes be a challenge, especially when you’ve been truly wronged. Yet if you ask yourself how you’d like to be treated the next time you make a grave error β€” or even a tiny mistake, you’ll likely conclude that being met with an open, forgiving heart would lead to the best outcome.
  • It doesn’t take much to show someone how much you care… grand gestures are always welcomed, but it’s the little things in life that can really keep your relationships going strong…
  • Karma is like an extension of the Judeo-Christian golden rule: “Do unto others as you’d like to have done unto you.” Imagine a future for yourself that entails a bounty of kind thoughts, compassionate words, and caring actions streaming toward you and from you. According to karma, this is an entirely possible outcome…
  • Being able to truly put yourself in others’ shoes encourages you to treat them with the respect and care they deserve…It’s one thing to act in a compassionate manner by offering words of condolence or sympathy when the occasion clearly warrants it. It’s quite another to be truly compassionate. For that, you need to feel the emotions behind your actions…we say, “I’m so sorry,” when someone loses a loved one, but the next time you’re faced with this situation, take a few minutes to really think about how the grieving person must feel. By experiencing those emotions yourself β€” even by imagining them β€” you can connect with a deeper, more genuine concern for the well-being of others…
  • Karma is not just about what you think, say, and do. It’s also about the intentions behind your thoughts, words, and actions...Genuinely noble actions are more about helping others than about one’s own profit…

Tangible reminders?

I have a shiny round pendant that I got for my birthday this year from my best friend who I’ve known since we were 4.

Tangible Reminders It says “Karma ~ What Goes Around Comes Around”& I love it.


I have a ballcap, too

My Karma Hat

that says “Karma” on the front with a small bullet hole in one of the letters.

heh. I love the irony πŸ™‚

The back says “My Name is Earl”.My Name Is Earl Karma Hat




One Response

  1. gotta check out that test later….

    and because of ‘my name is earl’, when i hear the word karma i immediately think of that show. association…

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