Day’s End


The birds of dusk fill the sky with sound
carried on the air stirred by their joyous flight
the woods resonate with the serenading of tiny tree frogs
Greeting and meeting one another
in their nightly boisterous celebration of life

Another day is torn from the calendar of my life’s pages
its stories scrawled in indelible ink
tucked in between the books that line the library of my mind

Memories fresh become photographs
moments caught for a breath
of laughter and giggles
Framed along the walls of yesterday’s rooms
That are scattered within my soul’s heart
my quiet place I can reflect
smiling through the images once again
long after time has spent the days
and the glory of the sun has burnt to a glow
fading the smiles, but never the love
that defies the laws of nature and reason.


3 Responses

  1. lovely!

  2. That is an absolutely stunning picture. I love the greyscale and the angle the birds are shot from, very well done.

  3. Thank you, WoodFenceMan (love the name!)

    It was taken on a grey day when the birds make you question whether or not the movie “The BIrds” could have some validity…it’s a negative of the picture as it was taken, as the birds were black against a grey sky. I liked the contrast better this way…

    Thanks for the comment! I appreciate it very much! 🙂

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