Wanna Bees

I was reading One Door Away From Heaven

Shadow had posted one of her off this site, so since my activity is curtailed, I thought, “why not?”

Riiiiiiiiight…in my dreams, huh?

and having even MORE time on my hands, I ran through a few friends & family too! heh…

Here they are, in no particular order! Peace & tolerance, ~me

Mary’s has to be gone TO ( I don’t know why except hers was the first one!): http://www.myheritagefiles.com/widgets/template7_6.swf?pathToConfig=http://www.myheritagefiles.com/J/storage/site1/files/j0/ha/45/j0ha45_834585844d7084bs5erw45.xml

MyHeritage: Family treeGenealogyCelebrity



One Response

  1. that’s coooool. gotta have some fun too, right!!!!

    thanks for your advise. i appreciate it. gonna start on that 5 things, no repeats, every day, for 2 months…. daunting i tell you!!!!!!!!

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