Dreams at the Edge of the Breeze at Dawn

Not too long ago, I was channel surfing looking for something to listen to, more than watch, as I cleared the kitchen sink after dinner. I hit upon PBS and there was a man speaking. For some reason, I stayed; probably because I could listen to him without having to intently watch!

He was talking about the quiet time in the predawn hours that most of us sleep through. He asked the audience how many of them could say that “for some reason” they woke up at the same time (by the clock) every night/morning. Quoting Rumi’s “the breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you…do not go back to sleep”, he challenged each person that when they awoke at their own personal “same time every monrning”, to put their feet on the floor and listen to what secrets the dawn may tell. And to write about what you heard.

Here’s what I wrote the last time:

The faces of my dreams keep flashing in my mind’s eye – the father, my friend- what was the common thread? Protection. Healing. How we can be the Creator’s presence in each other’s lives.

A man is walking down the sidewalk towards me, his stance steady and sure, his eyes gazing over the tops of his children’s heads – eyes full of a fierce love. He is their protector. He’s watched over them as they made their way back home and kept them safe, though he didn’t let his presence be known to them. Sheltering them. Guarding them. Ushering them home. The children were being themselves – innocent and oblivious, though a bit rambunctious, they moved towards home, tired but happy from their day.

But the love and pride in his eyes!!

And my friend? She was at a loss. She had placed her car in the shop and simply needed someone to keep her company while she waited at her apartment. I was there because she needed someone. Someone to heal the hole in her life that was lonlieness. It was in her eyes-a woundedness. All I had to do was give a bit of myself. A little time with a compassionate heart.

Perhaps we are here to express the purest forms of love – our Creator’s love – to touch each other’s lives. To heal hurts by just being there and present, expecting nothing in return. All the while aware of the pain in another’s eyes that they can’t or aren’t able to admit to.

Or just as the Creator ushers and watches and protects us, fiercely proud of us, yet recognizing our fragility, He is keeping harm from us as we pass through our days. And like children, we live our lives intuitively knowing that there is a comforting Presence with us.

So my objective or goal is to be that balm on the pain that I see in other people’s eyes. To be protective of what innocence I find in myself and others. To act with love and compassion, as the breeze at dawn whispered to me when I listened to what it had to say – when I did not go back to sleep.




One Response

  1. wonderful thoughts!

    and nice exercise. i too wake up (without the clock) at mostly the same time. maybe i’ll try this too…

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