Saturday was my hubby’s 47th Birthday…it was my 22nd year of helping him celebrate the day he entered the world. Some days it seems like that many years; others it seems impossible that it could have been that long!

In our home, when its your birthday you have some inalienable rights. Chief among them is the right to decide what you want to have for your birthday. For breakfast, for dinner, what you want to do (within reason!), or what you DON’T want to do.  What did he decide? *NOT WHAT YOU WOULD THINK!* 😉  He decided that he wanted to clean up the yard and get a flower bed planted with new plants! Sigh…

I was exhausted by Saturday night and played catch up on h’hold chores today!!

So I wanted to wish him a Happy 47th – And I hope I get to celebrate for another 22 of ’em with you!

Leaving you with a quick trip down memory lane!  Peace, ~me

Going left to right starting at the top:

6 Weeks after I met him (4th of July, 1986) … later that summer … Christmas of 1986 (he had just proposed) …

July 27, 1987 (my 2nd anon. anniversary) … August 1996, our 7th Anniversary … and recently


2 Responses

  1. happy birthday to your husband from me!!!!!

    and thanks for sharing your photo’s!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, belated as it is. And look at you D. WOOT!

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