A Thought from Angie

I have a friend, Angie, who sends out a thought for the day or a quote of the day almost every day via email.

As it is midnight and as usual, my brain is working in molasses speed, I’m going to pass on the one from Wednesday. (Thank you Angie!!)

Hope all is well in your worlds and that you realize you are an essential part of somebody else’s world!



image of sunlit forest as the golden rays of the sun spill upon the quiet calm of the giant redwood trees making the still forest come alive as the sun and the forest complement each other to form a memorable natural wonder of majesty and beauty. inspiring quotations and awesome pictures of nature. enjoy thought for the day. see the light. have a great day! “Strong beliefs win strong people,
and make them stronger.”

Walter Bagehot

Trees grow tall in all kinds of seasons,

people grow tall in all kinds of situations!

Each experience is an opportunity to grow in character and wisdom. Some experiences we like and others we don’t like, but all experiences whether we like them or not, provide opportunity for growth. When we view each experience as an opportunity for growth, we do indeed approach each situation in a responsible and dependable manner. We are also open to learning from each experience which is essential to the valuable process of growing, both in character and wisdom.


One Response

  1. eventually we all get to see the positive in the negative. sometimes it takes just a little bit of extra courage to grab that opportunity and use it to our advantage.

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