The Love of Truth

The love of truth lies at the root of much humor.
Robertson Davies

So maybe I shall attribute my love of humor to being a “truth lover”. Hmmm…. it explains so much!

Today has been a comedy of errors, from beginning to end. Very little, if anything, turned out as I had thought it might or in any semblance of the word “normal”…”routine”. I had hoped for just a bit of time to look through pictures from the weekend, but spent the day looking at furniture with a several decades worth of dust from storage and cleaning it down to the grain. So the pictures will have to wait another day.

The furniture is clean. The water is running again to the house, though it is not warmed. The water has been mopped up and the garage is drying. The kids have had their needs met – are clean, had a hot meal, and been sent to bed.

All throughout this wonderful day, I’ve found the humor. Hard to miss, actually! The ability to control any of the outcomes has been delightfully proven absurd in so many ways today, its hard to count! My humor is intact, rolling me from one moment into the next without any drama or negativity.

And given the day I’ve had, that’s saying VOLUMES! πŸ™‚




4 Responses

  1. it’s all about attitude…. and i like yours. muuuuch better to laugh about it and be happy, than stress about it and make it even more unpleasant than it already is.

  2. Great day..LOL and a great picure. Loven the arms πŸ˜‰
    he he

  3. I’m inspired. I would like to have coffee with you sometime SOON. I would love to invite myself over to your house and just sit and visit for a minute or two. Just sit, drinking coffee, and be. Have you watched The Royal Tennenbaums movie yet? heh.

  4. Your invitation is a standing one, silly woman! Seriously. Just a 10 minute head’s up so I can clear *your* chair and get the coffee going!

    I have watched part of it, but I keep falling asleep!! 😦 So yes, I have, but to be honest, not completely.


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