Solitary Comforts

June 9th, 2005

Solitary Comfort

As I gaze around into a sea of faces

Talking, laughing, connecting, seemingly LIT from the inside,

All of them bound by the same force, unseen

Compelled to fill their lives with all the world’s


Distracting, blanketing, shielding…

Denial from the one certainty governing all-

Ultimately? We are inevitably going to conclude this life alone.

When this world, this life, this place in time

Releases our souls to the movement of time

Our destiny is not ‘shared’ by another!

Nobody goes forward with us

as we transcend

Into dimensions that exist outside of our

Finite and limited comprehension.

We are solitary travelers of that road.

Clinging to another, our insecurities stubbornly gripping

Cannot drag that person with us!

So why try to? A spirit cannot be ‘captured’…

Taking each moment in full awareness

Of our ability to conversely touch another

While being alone


And being content regardless of the circumstances

And all the trappings of this life with grace

Holding ourselves open to the fragility of being

And the swift passing away of life

Allows us the freedom to love and the ability

To bask in, to breathe in, to absorb another’s light

Comfortable in knowing that their light isn’t capturable

We are not big enough to contain another’s light.

They shine regardless of our being


And so it is

Reflecting off of each bright face

Another singular, solitary soul’s light

Breezing through, existing, and

Exiting alone in a sea of bright lights…

©2008 L²B


3 Responses

  1. wow that’s amazing! me? i’m still scared of dying. hubby says he isn’t. i just don’t like the not knowing where i’m going thing… your concept of living, though, is beautiful!

  2. MMMMM, I like this one. Keep it up:)

  3. Yeah, I wish I could write like this…

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