The Joy of Being Loved

As though the air surrounding me is charged

by the love given me

Light, shining through it with prismatic clarity

obscurity banished

Refreshing my soul and renewing my resolve to fight

the demons of my doubts

They cast their spells, clouding my perceptions

until all I see is warped in the mirrors of my mind


I am challenged to be

All that I see when I look into the eyes that love me

Illuminating from within a heart that holds no dubious motives

Reflecting without judgment or conditions

a perfect image

of what was ever present in my soul


Lifting me up, buoying my spirit

Lightening my step, quickening my pulse,

A smile worn out on my sleeve


Bringing out laughter of the purest form

from the joy of simply knowing


And the singularly undeniable benediction that has been bestowed on this life

In the form of those who love me




2 Responses

  1. …smile…

  2. Lovely, beautiful, all three of you, and the poem, too.

    Thank you, you’re very kind! I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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