Singing Duels??

I got this little random tidbit of trivia from my weekly newsletter from Rob Brezny .

While I always enjoy his new letters (“rambunctious” is the word that comes to mind), this little item made me laugh and wonder if our legal system would consider this as a means of settling disputes. 🙂

While this is NOT the OUTSTANDING Artist’s Reception I went to this afternoon, I will have to post about that tomorrow (sorry Shelly! It will have to wait til tomorrow!). Enjoy this in the meantime!




Photo by Scott Stepko


“In Greenland, disputes are solved through singing duels. The quibbling
parties face off and proceed to croon tunes heaped high with insults.
While spectators pass the final judgment on the event, the singing
generally diffuses the anger, and the dueling parties leave as friends.” –
*Mental Floss,* July–August 2004


One Response

  1. what a brilliant, non-confrontational way to solve conflict. put down the weapons and pick up a microphone!!!!

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